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Nichol Ridge Outfitters 

Nebraska and South Dakota

Deer and Merriam Turkey Hunts



Professional Nebraska and South Dakota Hunting Outfitter and Guide Service

We have proven ourselves over time as a trusted Outfitter for Nebraska and South Dakota hunting adventures

We offer fully guided Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, and Merriam Turkey hunts in Nebraska and South Dakota. 

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"For the past 30 years I have hunted all around the country. Went out to D&E Outfitters 6 years ago. At that time I met Head Guide, AJ Nichols. 

The man is an amazing guide.  He eats, drinks and sleeps hunting!  If he's not guiding you one on one, he's checking trailcams and glassing other areas to help his clients fill their tags. He is a totally professional and honest Man.  I look forward to hunting with him this Fall." 

- Paul Nigro, Retired FDNY


"I have been hunting for 55 years. I have booked hunts with outfitters in 5 Canadian Providences and 7 different States. I have had great hunts and I have had some terrible hunts.            
Nothing is guaranteed when picking an outfitter for a hunt. You contact references, you make phone calls, you ask questions before spending your hard earned money that you have been saving, maybe for years. But when it's all said and done; you hope for the best and pray to the Lord that you made the right decision.
Six years ago, I booked a spring turkey hunt with 'D & E Outfitters' and I have been hunting with them every year since. The food is wonderful, accommodations good, and turkeys beyond belief. I have hunted in 80 degree weather, rain, sleet, and snow and always, always have seen turkeys. Don knows where they are and will make sure you know also. Be it a guided or self-guided hunt, rest assured; you will be where there are turkeys. I no longer consider Don and Evelyn as my outfitter but as my good friends.
You can trust 'D & E Outfitters'; they will do everything possible to make your hunt a success. The one sentence on their web site that says it all; 'Come as a Stranger, Leave as a Friend' no truer words are necessary, believe it."

Tom - Bloomsburg PA


"I believe this is our 6th year hunting with D & E Outfitters and there is something to be said about returning that many times. There are a lot of outfitters looking for you to hunt with them but we tried D & E Outfitters to get on some nice Whitetails and Mule Deer in Nebraska.

If we keep rebooking it means we are seeing plenty of nice shooters and there is value in Don's hunts. We are treated exceptionally well, have good food while we are hunting and have lodging that is comfortable. On most hunts there are small issues that crop up, but Don is more than willing to take care of them to ensure we have the hunt we expected. Don has some premium leases in Nebraska and that is the one state we can shoot a nice Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer in the same hunt areas on the same over the counter permit. Please see my Monster Buck in the D & E Outfitters Gallery!"


Tom - Roscoe IL


"I've bow hunted and rifle hunted with D & E every year since 2006 and I greatly appreciate their honesty and professionalism. They have excellent properties and I've harvested some very good deer with them in both seasons. Their guides are knowledgeable, hardworking and accommodating and everyone that has hunted in our party has had a great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to deer hunt Nebraska or S.D. They're first rate people who run an excellent operation and importantly - they want you to be successful!"


George - Jemez Springs NM


"I have hunted with D & E  4 times both bow and rifle.  Don has some of the best leases to hunt sporting an abundance of whitetail bucks.  I hunt with 4 friends and during each of the times we all hunted with Don 1 of us shot a buck over 150"  and we filled our tags with bucks of 10 pts. or better.

The rifle season, I hunted with D & E, 28 deer hunters were hunting on Dons leases and 27 filled their tags.  I know this for a fact because I was the 28th hunter and I did not fill my tag as I was hunting one particular trophy buck and never connected, but did have a good shot opportunity, but missed.

D&E's guides are professional and experienced, and work hard for you to fill your tag with a trophy deer."

Joe - Goshen NY


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