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Mule Deer Hunts

NR Outfitters takes 6-8 guided Nebraska trophy mule deer hunters per year between all weapons.  This assures hunting pressure is very light, with a minimal harvest of mature bucks.


We offer several hunts, and will customize to meet a mule deer hunter's hunting needs. We prefer to talk with each hunter individually in planning the proper mule deer hunt for them.

  • We hunt on 70,000 private acres of ideal habitat in Nebraska Sand Hills for Nebraska Trophy Mule Deer in the 140 - 180 class with average spreads of 20-27". Bigger Mule Deer have been seen and taken in the surrounding area.

  • Our normal average success rates have been running at 100% with a 100% opportunity.

  • It is very common for our mule deer hunters to harvest there buck in 1 to 2 days. 

  • Our mule deer hunts are Free Ranging Wild Deer Fair Chase Hunts. 

  • Nebraska Sandhill's Mule deer hunts can be tailored to your individual needs. 

  • Our ranches support a very healthy population of Mule Deer. It's common to see several bucks a day.

  • Muzzleloader mule deer hunts December 1-31 covers part of Rut and mule deer congregating for winter.


We offer the following hunts: 
4-day Rifle guided Mule Deer hunts: $5800
5-day Muzzleloader guided Mule Deer hunts: $5800

4-day Archery guided Mule Deer Hunt: $5500

2022 Guide Mule Deer hunts dates:
Rifle:   TBD (November)
Muzzleloader:  TBD (December)

Velvet Archery: September 1 - September 5


*Tipping are customary, and a good way of saying thank you to those involved for a job well done who made your trip enjoyable. The industry standard for a hunting Tip is 10-20%. *Non-Hunters are welcome to come with their friends or family members for a $400 fee per individual (with a maximum of 1 per paid hunter).

Mule Deer Permits

  • Nebraska mule deer hunting permits are Over-The-Counter, no complicated draw. 

  • Mule Deer Permits are $285. Extremely reasonable compared to mule deer permits in other states.

    • All these permits/tags can be purchased online and printed out at

    • Non-resident specific game management unit deer permits are $285.

    • Non-resident youth deer permits are $8.

    • Non-resident firearm statewide buck permits are $707.

    • Required Nebraska State Habitat Stamp is $25.



Guided Mule Deer Hunts


We provide 1 guide per 2 hunters. As deer hunters fill their tags, their guide is freed up to spend excess time with remaining hunters. After an animal has been harvested, pictures will be taken. We will field dress your deer, bring you and your deer to a mandatory Nebraska Game and Parks checking station, and then transport your whitetail deer to be processed (clients are responsible for this fee).  

Fully guided mule deer hunts include: transportation to field, guided hunt, field care of deer, and transportation to local processor. 

Not included: lodging, food, licenses, permits, meat processing, taxidermy, any shipping cost and cost accrued getting to and from point of hunting location.



Nichol Ridge Outfitters Mule Deer Management program are a key factor in our successful Outfitter operation.  We are selective on the mule deer we harvest.

  • Our goal is to only harvest mature mule deer with average range between 140-180"

  • Mule deer harvested has to have a minimal of 4 points on one side. 

  • Good food sources, genetics, predator control, and harvesting only mature mule deer.



Hunters Education

  • Hunter Education is required for all hunters ages 12 through 29:

  • Hunting with a firearm must have on their person proof of successful completion of Firearm Hunter Education.

  • Those who have not completed a Firearm Hunter may obtain an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate from the Commission.


 Nebraska Mule Deer Hunt Info


  • Nebraska mule deer terrain we hunt is diverse, varying from creek country, cultivated fields, to rolling Nebraska sandhills.  Hunters are positioned overlooking creek bottoms or bluffs where deer funnel between feeding and bedding areas.

  • Most our Nebraska mule deer hunting can be done by truck or fairly easy walking, but keep in mind a stock for a trophy mule deer might take us across rolling Sand Hill country.

  • Mule deer hunts we use some ground blinds, but mainly spot and stalk. As the mule deer hunting changes, we adapt and use the best hunting method.

  • Our mule deer hunting grounds accommodate most deer hunters of any age and hunters with challenges.

  • You will need to review, and understand the Nebraska Hunting Regulations.

*No smoking in the hunting vehicles, or blinds.



Recommendations to shoot your trophy buck

  • Shots are normally between 50 to 300 yards for rifle, and muzzleloader 50-200.

  • Rifle: we recommend a flat shooting long range mule deer rifle you can effectively shoot, limbsaver recoil pad, highest quality variable scope, muzzlebrake and bipod.

  • Good whitetail deer calibers are: 270 win, 270 WSM, 308, 30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm WSM, 28 Nosler, 300 WSM, or 300 Win Mag.

  • Most important bring a rifle you can shoot straight without flinching, and able to shoot out to 300 yards. You will need to shoot your deer rifle often before your hunt to be proficient.  

  • High Quality Rifle Scope is needed for our guided mule deer hunting!  We recommend a 3-9X, 3-12X, or a 4-14X scope.

  • Premium grade ammunition and bullets are a must with a high ballistic coefficient.  Good ones are: Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Tip Ammo, Barnes VOR-TX Rifle Ammo TTSX, Remington Premier Accu-Tip, Winchester XP Ammo, Nosler Custom Trophy-Grade Ammunition, or HSM’s Trophy Gold with Berger Bullets.  Buy only one of the best!

  • A bullet weight of 150-180 grains

  • Make sure your guns trigger has a safe, light, crisp tripper pull between 2.75 and 3.25 pounds . Bring your gun to a gunsmith and have the trigger adjusted. This will greatly help your accuracy.

  • Breathing Control is a must for accurate shooting.

  • Install a muzzlebrake to reduce recoil and help your accuracy!

  • We recommend a bipod or shooting sticks.

  • Good shooting mule deer rifle should be shooting 3-5 shots in 1" to 1.25" group at a 100 yards. If it don't there is a problem that needs to be fixed before your hunt.

  • We recommend sighting your deer rifle 2 inches high at a 100 yards.  This will have most mule deer rifles on to 300 yards.

  • You need to practice shooting in the standing, sitting, kneeling, prone positions.  We don't know what type of shot you will have, best to be prepared for all.

  • Make a 50-yard increments bullet drop chart of the bullet drop from 100 to 450 yards and tape it to your stock.   

  • Muzzleloader Nebraska mule deer hunts December 1-31 is an excellent time to hunt. The muzzleloader mule deer season is a great time to hunt for a Nebraska trophy mule deer buck!

  • We recommend a muzzleloader with a magnum charge capability shooting accurately out to 200 yards.

  • Many of our muzzleloader deer hunters use a TC Triumph Bone Collector, CVA Accura V2 Long Range,or Traditions Vortek Ultra Light LDR muzzleloaders fitted with an actual muzzleloader bullet drop compensator (BDC) scope.

  • Scopes: the Bushnell Trophy DOA Muzzleloader Scope, Nikon In-line Muzzleloader Scope, or Leopold Ultimate Slam Muzzleloader Scope.

  • Open sites: Truglo Fiber-optic sights works well.

  • Quality Lazar Range Finder is a must for all muzzleloader mule deer hunting.

  • Sighted in for 50, 100, 150 and 200 yards.

  • Magnifying Scopes, Pellets and SABOTS can be used with muzzleloaders in Nebraska for mule deer hunting.

  • Our muzzleloader hunters have Excellent Muzzleloader Whitetail Deer Hunting Success with various combinations of the following muzzleloading components:

  • "260 or 300 grain"Harvester Scorpion PT Gold, "250 or 290" Barnes Spit-Fire TMZ, or "250 or 300 grain" TC ShockWave Muzzleloading Bullets, along with "Blackhorn 209 powder using CCI 209M, or Federal 209A Primers is my first choice".

  • We recommend trying a muzzleloader rifle Hammer Extender, TC Power Rod and Speed Loaders.

  • If you are a hard core muzzleloader mule deer hunter or just a mule deer hunter wanting to extend your season.  The Nebraska month long December muzzleloader mule deer season is must to consider for all trophy mule deer hunters.

It takes a mature mule deer hunter to only take shots they know they can make.  It is a must you come prepared being able to shoot straight and use your weapon of choice accurately and ready to perform to the best of its and yours ability!


Hunter Orange is required by any person except archers, hunter must display on their Head, chest and back at least 400 square inches of hunter orange material.  Camouflage hunter orange patterns are legal if the minimum 400 square inch requirements are met. 


Lodging and Meals

Mule Deer hunts through Nichol Ridge are located in Valentine, Nebraska. Lodging and meals are the responsibility of the hunter. Contact AJ at 618-920-6862 for recommendations.


Meat and Taxidermy - Nebraska

A problem a deer hunter faces who has just driven or flown across the country to go on a deer hunt is how to get the meat, cap and antlers safely home.   Please read below on what we have learned and know: 

  • Ensure you know Nebraska, states traveling thru and state you live in big game transportation and importation laws and any other legal requirements in this area. This is your responsibility.

  • Check with your airline or ground carrier about any restrictions about transporting meat/cape/antlers.

    • Keeping same airline on connecting flights will help avoid luggage issues.

  • After the mandatory deer check-in requirements are completed.  On a few of the farms and ranches we whitetail hunt on there is a water source and place to hang and breakdown your own deer.  Ask me ahead of time if this is an option where you will be hunting.

  • Some hunters that drive will put a freezer in the back of there truck or in a utility trailer which can be plugged in or ran with a generator.

  • You should use coolers for transporting your meat and cape.

    • Flying: duct tape the coolers shut after you get to the airport in case they need to open and pack them as tightly as possible with frozen solid meat. 

    • Driving: use duct tape to hold the lids tightly shut. This keeps out air, even when the truck is on rough roads, and hits bumps.

  • If you fly, once the meat is processed and frozen, it can be boxed and checked as excess baggage.  Meat should be frozen as dry ice is not allowed on airplanes.

  • If you fly, a Cape can be frozen and put in a cooler then checked in or checked as excess baggage.  

  • Antlers can be packaged and shipped by mail or checked as excess baggage.  

We have an excellent local meat processor that will try to have your deer packaged and frozen by the time you are ready to leave for home.  

  • The cost for basic processing is approximately $125 and $25 additional for capping.

  • If you do not wish to take your meat home, arrangements can be made to have it donated. You are still responsible for the processing fee.

  • The butcher will not accept the deer for donation unless the processing fee is paid at time of drop off.

US Mail, UPS, or FedEx, we have had hunters use all with good success.  To make this work best with perishable items. They need to be shipped out at a office by the main airport you fly into. Reason, where we are located in Nebraska we are far away from the interstates and major airports so everything is Ground shipment first, then overnight so "overnight" actually turns into 2-3 days. Note: if shipping nonperishable where time isn't a factor. We have a Post office's and drop boxes for UPS and FedEx in our local areas.

Award Winning Local Taxidermist is available to mount or expedite your trophy.  They are very knowledgeable, and highly skilled on all species we hunt.  This is an easy and efficient way to handle your taxidermy needs.  Most often they will often do a better job than someone who has seen few of the particular animals from our areas. 

We highly recommend Tall Tails Taxidermy Studio, LLC in Burton, NE. They are a "small Full-Time Taxidermy Studio" focused on providing high quality taxidermy within a reasonable time period, averaging six to nine months. They do everything they can to meet your expectations.  Ann and Aimee are very methodical, meticulous, and driven that never settle for second best or "just good enough".  I would trust them with my finest trophy. 

Studio: 402-497-3360
Ann's Cell: 1-402-376-6379
Aimee's Cell: 1-402-382-8696

Web Site:
Note: They use a highly reputable Concierge Shipping Service that ships from there door to your door that is insured, and bonded.

With all this said above, our hunters are telling us it is best "to drive when you can".  They say with a partner and rotating driving, you can get anywhere within the states in a days travel, which is what you are burning up flying anyway, along with renting a car and driving to us.  This way you get to bring all your gear and take everything back and use a meat processor close to home and your own taxidermist.   Our recommendation is to drive if at all possible.  Plus, many say it's nice just to take a day off and do some touring while your deer is being butchered and frozen and then loading the cooler for the ride home.

Most important:  it is a must to plan ahead in this area and determine before the hunt how you want to handle your meat/cape/antler needs. 


Getting to Stuart and Valentine Nebraska

We hunt near the towns of Stuart and Valentine Nebraska in North Central Nebraska. 
Note: Our cell phone reception is minimal in these areas.


We expect you to drive to us. 

When hunting near Stuart Nebraska you can fly into either:

  • Omaha Nebraska then rent a vehicle and drive 4 hours

  • Sioux City Iowa then rent a vehicle and drive 2 hours 40 minutes

  • Sioux Falls South Dakota rent a vehicle and drive 3 hours 20 minutes

When hunting near Valentine Nebraska you can fly into either: 

  • North Platte Nebraska then rent a vehicle and drive 2 hours  

  • Omaha Nebraska then rent a vehicle and drive 5 hours 20 minutes 

  • Rapid City South Dakota then rent a vehicle and drive 3 hours 20 minutes

  • Sioux Falls South Dakota then rent a vehicle and drive 4 hours 20 minutes 

  • Sioux City Iowa then rent a vehicle and drive 4 hours

    *When flying with the airlines you will need to follow regulations for guns and ammunition, ask airlines for information if unsure.


You will need to call AJ on his Cell phone 2 hours prior to arrival, he will discuss with you where to meet.

Plan to arrive 12:00 - 3:00pm the day before your hunt start day. After arriving you will unpacked, get hunting gear ready, shoot your gun as needed, hunt orientation and safety brief. Please do not call early in the morning or arrive before scheduled time.

Wounded Deer Policy

We take great pride in having almost no unrecoverable wounding's since we have been in business, and ask our hunters show up prepared, so that we can do our best to keep wounding's to a minimum.  

Deer are a precious resource! If an Deer is wounded during your hunt. We will exhaust all of our efforts to find the animal. If the animal is not found, it is still considered yours, and hunt will be ended.  

Deer are a valuable resource that landowner relies upon for financial funds for there operation. It is not fair to the landowners to allow each hunter the opportunity to potentially kill two animals. In this case, a hunter would, in essence, be potentially killing two animals while only paying for one.  Plus, the next hunter loses from having fewer trophy deer to hunt.

NR Outfitters believes in ethical fair chase hunting and strive for clean kills.  This can only be achieved by your utmost practice, and preparation for your hunt. Keeping your head in highly intense situations and walking away or waiting when the shot opportunity is not right. 

It takes a mature whitetail deer hunter to only take shots that they know they can make.  It is a must you come prepared being able to use your weapon accurately and have you and your weapon of choice ready to perform.


Trip Insurance - Whitetail Deer Hunting

Hunting out of state is expensive, with life being unpredictable, and the unexpected does happen to everyone. NR Outfitters highly recommends buying Travel Guard's Sportsman's Travel Protection Plan Insurance.

You need to make sure it includes cancellation coverage.

This is your responsibility to ensure you are covered and protected.

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